Finnish Society for Theatre Research

Finnish Society for Theatre Research (TeaTS) was established in the autumn of 2002. It welcomes scholars from various fields of the performing arts. The members study e.g. dramatic literature, theatre, dance, opera, circus and performance art and their elements as well as forms of performance in culture and society. The viewpoints cover aesthetic, historical and artistic research.

The aim of TeaTS is to promote national and international connections between researchers. The society organizes frequent seminars in spring and autumn for all who are interested in research of performing arts. Our publication Näyttämö ja tutkimus [Stage and research] is classified as the leading domestic research publication in Finland by Publication Forum. TeaTS actively follows the development of higher education in its own field and strives to promote interplay between research and art.

The society has individual members: annual and honorary members as well as patron and student members. An organisation that wishes to support the activities of the society can be accepted as a patron member. Students within the field of theatre research are accepted as student members.